LPPM UNS has verified the progress report file and the completeness of the Research and Community Service grant for the 2018 PNBP Fund uploaded on the IRIS 1103 system on September 26-27 2018 ago. Because there are still some uploaded files that are not in accordance with the correct requirements, the upload time is extended again on the 1st day of October 11, 2018 to provide an opportunity for improvement of documents. But until now, we have found a number of researchers / servants have not completed and uploaded the progress report file and its completeness.

In accordance with the contract agreement on the implementation of research / dedication of UNS 2018 PNBP Fund, Article 3 (paragraph 2 b) that the second phase payment (30%) is paid after the researcher / servant uploads the progress report document and its completeness (logbook, output achievement, financial usage report, BAST Progress report, and BAST Financial Use Report) into the IRIS 1103 system on September 20. For researchers / servants who have not uploaded the document, they are not entitled to receive 30% funds until all documents are filled out and uploaded to the IRIS system.

In connection with this, we request to complete and upload the document no later than Friday, October 26, 2018. If you have not completed the file until the deadline and uploaded it to the IRIS 1103 system, then 30% cannot be disbursed and you still obliged to complete the final report and financial accountability.

Thank you

Best regards

Prof. Sulistyo Saputro, M.Si, PhD.


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