Following up on a letter from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education No: B / 832 / E3 / RA.00 / 2019 regarding the obligation to upload Progress Reports, Daily Notes and Declaration of Shopping Responsibility (SPTB), we inform you of the following:

  1. Upload Progress Reports, Daily Notes and Declaration of Shopping Responsibility (SPTB) no later than September 14, 2019. Research progress reports, for single year research contracts uploaded through Simlitabmas NG (old system) according to the attached template in pdf format with a maximum of 10 MB ;
  2. Hardcopy of progress reports and daily notes for the Single Research Contract sent to the Program and cooperation sub-section (1 ex.) No later than September 20, 2019;
  3. Statement of Shopping Responsibility (SPTB) for the research fund that has been determined is uploaded 2 (two) times, namely 70% before disbursement of stage 2 (two) through Simlitabmas NG 2.0 (new system) and 100% cumulative together with the final report (procedures for uploading SPTB 100% will be delivered later). This provision also applies to single year research with 100% disbursement;
  4. As for the manufacture and delivery of SPTB, please follow the following conditions:
    • The researcher uploaded the SPTB in Simlitabmas with the format and provisions attached to the Regulation of the Director General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Number Per7 / PB / 2019 concerning changes to the Regulation of the Director General of the Treasury Number Per15 / PB / 2017 concerning Guidelines for Implementing Funds Based on Research Output Budget Standards (attached).
    • The Decree Number shall be filled with the Decree of the Director General of Strengthening Research and Development, which can be seen in Article 1 of the 2019 TA Research Contract between PPK DRPM and LP / LPPM / UPPM / LLDIKTI;
    • The Contract Number is filled as follows: The contract number of PPK DRPM with LP / LPPM / UPPM is 092 / SP2H / LT / DRPM / 2019 and the contract number of LP / LPPM / UPPM is 718 / UN27.21 / PP / 2019;
    • The Statement of Shopping Responsibility is downloaded and printed from Simlitabmas, signed on the Stamp Duty of Rp. 6,000, then scanned (converted) and converted to PDF format, and then uploaded to Simlitabmas and collected in the General subsection of 2 copies (original) no later than September 20, 2019;

That’s all, thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Best Regard,

Dr. Eng. Syamsul Hadi, S.T., M.T.


1. Penerima Pendanaan Penelitian Tahun Tunggal 2019

2. Peraturan Dirjen Perbendaharaan Kementerian Keuangan No. Per- 7/PB/2019

3. Template Laporan Kemajuan

4. Template Cover P2M Dana Kemenristekdikti TA 2019 (Lap. Kemajuan Tahun Tunggal)

5. Berita Acara Laporan Kemajuan Penelitian Tahun 2019

6. Berita Acara SPTB 70% Penelitian Tahun 2019