Our provide basic services:

  1. Research and development services: pure scientific, science and technology, education, and community empowerment.
  2. Training services, seminars, workshops and workshops.
  3. Empowerment of assisted groups for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
  4. Intellectual property acquisition services.
  5. Information technology center services and statistical data analysis.

Our provide several development centers:

  1. Entrepreneurship Development Center (PPKwu)
  2. Center for Environmental Research (PPLH)
  3. Information Center and Population Research Center (PPK)
  4. Regional Development Information Center (PIPW)
  5. Tourism Research and Development Center (PUSPARI)
  6. Gender Research and Development Center (P3G)
  7. Center for Research and Development of Biotechnology and Biodiversity (P3BB)
  8. Food, Nutrition and Public Health Research and Development Center (P4GKM)
  9. Center for Rural Research and Regional Development (PUSLITDESBANGDA)
  10. Center for Technology Study and Development and Industrial Collaboration (PKPTKI)
  11. Center for Regional and Institutional Policy Assessment (PPKDK)
  12. Center for Difability Studies (PSD)
  13. Center for Constitutional and Human Rights Research and Development (P3KHAM)
  14. Disaster Study Center (PSB)
  15. Center for Sexual Health Studies (PSKS)
  16. Center for Islamic Economic Studies (PSEI)
  17. Center for Javanology Studies (Javanology Institute)
  18. Center for Democratic Studies and National Resilience (PUSDEMTANAS)
  19. Cooperative and UMKM Assistance Study Center (PSP-KUMKM)
  20. Center for Japanese Studies
  21. Center for the Study of Farmer Protection and Empowerment (Pusdi PPP)
  22. Center for the Study of Public Transparency and Anti-Corruption (PUSTAPAKO)
  23. ASEAN Study Center
  24. Service Unit and Management of Intellectual Property Rights (ULP. IPR)
  25. Real Work Lecture Management Unit (UP. KKN)
  26. Complaints Unit and Quality Assurance of Research and Community Service (UPPM. P2M)