• Increased productivity and quality of research.
  • Improved intellectual property capability and / or patents.
  • Effective partnership and collaboration development.


1. Policies to Achieve Productivity and Quality:

  • Development of research roadmap, prioritizing basic research.
  • UNS competitive research incentives.
  • Improving the competence of researchers in the publication of research results.
  • Improving the competence of researchers in gaining research funding.
  • Development of UNS internal and external research networks.

2. Policies for the Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights and / or Patents:

  • Increasing the competence of academic staff and students to produce innovation and creation.
  • UNS superior design and innovation incentives.
  • Improved drafting patent competence, intellectual property rights, and innovation-based industrial design and local culture.

3. Policies to Expand Effective Partnerships and Collaboration:

  • Building effective partnerships and collaborations to market UNS innovation / excellence.
  • Development of integrated revenue generating units in marketing innovation / excellence of UNS.