Upload and Hardcopy Submission of Research and Community Service Progress Report (P2M) UNS 2019 PNBP Fund

Notified with respect, according to contract Research No. 516 / UN27.21 / PP / 2019 and No. Service contract. 517 / UN27.21 / PM / 2019 […]

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INVITATION: Briefing Document Upload Progress Reports and Completion Grant Fund P2M PNBP 2018

In connection with our Letter Number: 3654 /UN27.21/TU/2018 dated October 19, 2018, Subjects in arrears Upload Progress Reports and and Completeness of 2018 P2M Funds PNBP Grants, we respectfully expect the presence of Mr / Ms / Brother (attached) to: […]

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Arrears Upload Progress Reports and Completion Grant Fund P2M PNBP 2018

LPPM UNS has verified the progress report file and the completeness of the Research and Community Service grant for the 2018 PNBP Fund uploaded on the IRIS 1103 system on September 26-27 2018 ago. Because there are still some uploaded files that are not in accordance with the correct requirements, the upload time is extended [...]

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Repair and Extension Upload Progress Report Document of UNS 2018 PNBP Fund and Its Completeness

The Institute of Research and Community Service of Sebelas Maret University has completed administrative verification of all progress report documents for the Research and Service of UNS TA PNBP funds. 2018 along with its completeness. Administrative verification is carried out to find […]

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Obligation to Upload Progress Report and Statement of Expenditure Responsibility

Following up on the letter from the Director of Research and Community Service Number: 2812 / E3.4 / LT / 2018 regarding the Obligation to Upload Progress Reports and SPTB, […]

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