Kata Kunci : Democracy, Constitusion, Parliamentary

Mulyanto *)
LPPM UNS, Penelitian, DP2M, Publikasi Internasional Bacth I, 2009

The result of this research indicate that General election is fluctuative. An assessment to know whether General election that was executed was democratic or not. This assessment used many indicators as general election order, general election organizer, general election contestant competition, freedom of elector, and controlling of general election. The general election in the Parliamentary Democracy Era is democratic, The General election in Guided Democracy Era is not implementated, The General Election in New Order Era is undemocratic and The General election in Reformation Era is democratic. The growth of General election as Constitution implementation in Indonesia experiences a significant growth since UUD 1945, KRIS 1949, UUDS 1950 until Amandment of UUD 1945. In general election law there are items that need to be defended, to be vanished and to be corrected. The basic reasons of changing general election law consist of law aspect, political aspect and sociological aspect. Small part of solution general election in governance system for Indonesian future (postscriptum) are necessity in improvement of general election democratization, necessity in repairing of general election in Constitution and general election law.