Keywords : Albizia, plantation system, logs handling, wood quality

Marsusi; Pitoyo, Ari *)
LPPM UNS, Penelitian, DP2M, Hibah Kompetitif Penelitian Sesuai Prioritas Nasional, 2009

The fast growing tree, Albizia (Paraserianthes) falcataria was well known as commercial timber product species. Coincide with issues of forest destruction and exploitation of forest timber product, the sort duration of plantation had making Albizia more popular as potential and renewable resources to answer local and global market demands for wood based products. This research was done to study the upstream level of Albizia manufacturers chain industry concentrated on farmer knowledge of plantation practice, management or plantation system, and handling of logs. The results identified farmer knowledge must be upgrade mainly on seedling procurement and pest-deseases management practice. The management cultivation system tended in three tipes (monoculture, heteroculture in combination with annual crop, and as field border).. Logs handling after cutting was still conventionally drying methods with natural radiance, which making them easily to be cracked. In conclusion, some problem in upstream level have didn’t seriously aware because of the quality of Albizia wood was still in volume based and the easily of the tree to growth in comparatively poor site and survive without fertilizer.