Keywords : liquid waste, batik home industries

Musyawaroh, Budi Utomo, Bambang Triratma
LPPM UNS, Penelitian, DP2M, Hibah Bersaing, 2009

Kauman is an ancient kampong of muslem and batik which is ready to be revitalized becoming a tourism kampong. This kampong needs a system of water treatment for the liquid waste of some batik home industries. There are three important reasons of this. Firstly, various types of ancient houses are composed of three parts, namely living area, factory and shop. They are going to be an interesting aspect of revitalization. Secondly, this area has not had a processing unit for water of batik home industries. Thirdly, most of those liquid waste flows directly through the interceptor of PDAM without any treatment. Lastly, there are some complaints of community about the pollution to their environment.This research aim to plan the waste treatment system of online casino liquid water batik home industries. A descriptive analysis method was applied for determaining the reduction of pollutans agents including color, pH and COD.
The important result of research is a system for waste treatment of batik home industries which is suitable for kampong kauman, therefore those batik home industries will be able to be operated again. This system was built in eight steps. Step 1, finding the kind of basic material and waste. Step 2, finding content of pollutants. Step 3, identification of waste treatment which have been done within those area. Step 4, finding various constrains of those waste treatment system. Step 5, planning the system of liquid waste treatment. Step 6, synchronizing the result of research with some relevant institutions. Step 7, applying the result of research to the case study area. Last step, socializing the result of research to the community.
The most important difference this research to some previous researches is the involvement of community within the case study area into the some parts of research process. Hopefully, the result of research is going to stimulate the awakening of some batik home industries which are able to maintain its ensvironment.