Kata Kunci : Kewirausahaan, Business plan, Enterpreneursip

LPPM UNS, Pengabdian, DP2M, KWU, 2009

Sebelas Maret University (UNS) is one of several university in Indonesia that be pioneer in developing entrepreneurship culture. Entrepreneurship became lecture on duty with 2 sks point. Anyway, the result of entrepreneurship lecturing not good enough, entrepreneurs not yet become a career choice. That because the material of entrepreneurship lecturing to much teoritical, so can’t raising the entrepreneurial culture in student society of UNS. To increase that problem, need advanced program to give experience learning (by learning with method) of entrepreneuship practice by doing a new micro business . the student must be planning, operating and evaluating their micro business. Entrepreneurship lecture with advanced entrepreneuship program is a program to entrepreneurship directed by do siclus of new micro business. Learning method on this program are in class learning and out class learning. In class learning give more knowledge and skill to preparing a new business especially making business plan. In class learning take three days and totally 24 hours. And out class learning give experience learning to operating a new business. Practicing new business take up to 1,5 mounth on small group (three student in one group). The student choose kind of business there are interest, make a business plan, propose a financial capital, evaluating and write a business report. Product of this program are business plan and training module (on in class learning). No silabus on here, because this is not integrated lecturing schedule. Thus, all of target in this program have been reached.