Keywords: contagion, clean water, well drill.

Sunarsih, Ernawati Sri; Tukiran, H.; Hamka, Muhammad*)
LPPM UNS, Pengabdian, DP2M, Penerapan Ipteks, 2009

Levying problem of clean water to society represent indispensablelity and cannot be obviated as one of medium to reach healthy society. But, Indonesia society in reality, especially in drought district, very difficult to get cleanness water. For the purpose, cannot be denied that in district which is difficult gets cleanness water very susceptible to contagion. Ironic problem to cleanness water access is ‘ cost of water, ‘when poor clan exactly must pay for 5 times more is compared to rich clan. Main problem – especially for they there is no koneksi and access either to PDAM and or alternative of other piping water system. Its question, what which can done sees so the tightness of poor clan access to the healthy and clean water. Based on reasoning of problems at situation analysis , hence can be formulated intention of this devotion proposal program, that is : ( 1) Fulfills poor society cleanness amount of water required, ( 2) Lessens poor public payload, ( 3) Lessens infecting of contagion at poor societ , and ( 4) Depress poorness number in society. Method applied in execution of application program is counselling, training and practice programly so that society can self-supportingly manages together to fulfill cleanness amount of water required. As for steps done is as follows : (1)Counselling which in the form of discourse about well drill, relation between cleanness amount of water required, sanitation and contagion, and the importance of taking care of the source of water, ( 2)Training and practice making of well drill and water receptacle, ( 3) Training and arrangement conservancy of well drill, and ( 4) Practice of governing direct and arrangement division of use irrigate well drill. Obtained result from this activity is available of source of clean water which in the form of well drill with casing made from PVC AW pipe have diameter 4″ with deepness 35 m, provided with: (1)Submersible pump which is with power of 1 PK with debit 1 litre/second, ( 2)Input pipe from PVC AW materials is having diameter 1,25″ and cable for automatic of water level from well location to water receptacle, (3) Water receptacle with elevation of foundation 1,5 m and having capacities 5000 litres, and (4) Box panel automatic water level, what is functioning controls water level at well and water receptacle.