With this Association, the University will receive an easy access to Enago’s high quality English editing services

May 19, 2017, Indonesia: Enago, a leading provider of English language editing services for the global research community, has entered into an agreement with Sebelas Maret University to provide manuscript preparation services for the university’s researchers and faculty. With nearly 1,600 faculty staff members, both the university and Enago will greatly benefit from the collaboration.

As a result of the association with Enago, faculty and researchers at Sebelas Maret will have a significantly better chance of publishing their work in reputed international journals, which ultimately will contribute to the university’s overall research development goals. Committed to research that leads to new discoveries in the areas of science, technology, and art, the university has a vital mission to achieve.

Offering three levels of support, Enago’s team of subject matter experts will work with Sebelas Maret researchers and authors to ensure their academic articles meet the high standards necessary for journal submission and publication.

“Because of our collaboration with Enago, our researchers and faculty members will have access to excellent editing services, which will provide them with great opportunities to have their work published in top-notch journals,” said Professor Drs. Sutarno, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. “We are on our way to achieving our vision of becoming a center of excellence for the development of science, technology, and art at an international level, and working with Enago brings us another step closer to realizing that vision.”

For more details please visit Sebelas Maret University -Enago landing page: http://www.university.enago.com/universitas-sebelas-maret/