Draft Model Flat Roof and Aperture With the Concept of Ecology to Achieve Comfort, Health and Productivity of Low-Income Community Shelter

Key words: model roof and openings, flats, comfort, health, productivity, the concept of Ecological architecture By: Sri Yuliani, ST., M.App.Sc., Kahar Sunoko, ST., MT., and Ir. Soedwiwahjono, MT The development of residential demand is increasing with the rapid rate of population growth. Flat built vertically from various considerations felt quite ideal, but to motivate productivity [...]

Production Of Feed Additif Containing Phytase From Recombinant Bacteria For Increasing Food Quality And Meat Of Broiler Chickens

Key Words: Phytse, Feed Additive, Enzyme Extraction, Digestible Nutrient, Carrier, Freezer Dryer By: Adi Magna Patriadi Nuhriawangsa, Sajidan , Zaenal Bachruddin and Ali Wibowo The result was used to producted mash phytase from recombinat bacteria BL21 (DE3) EAS1-AMP and its applied to mixed corn soybean diet for broiler chickens. Crude and pure extraceluller phytase was [...]

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Moleculer Identification of Pongamia Pinnata Variability for Biofuels Material Supply

Key word: Pongamia pinnata, moleculer identification, ISSR By: Ahmad Yunus, Samanhudi, Amalia T. Sakya, Muji Rahayu Exploration of biofuel sources from plant need developed for supply of alternative energy. Information of genetic diversity in Pongamia pinnata is necessary to support breeding programs and efforts conservation. Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR) marker could enhance the efficiency [...]

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Sende Land: Response and Adaptation Strategy of The Rural Community to Encounter the Economic Crisis in The Special Region of Yogyakarta

Key words: economic crisis, sende land, landowner, respons and strategy By: Tiwuk Kusuma Hastuti and Retno Kusumawiranti The economic crisis has encouraged the emerging of various forms of community’s response. The responses and the adaptation strategies of the rural community differ from one region to another region. This has to do with the available abilities [...]

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Developing a Model for Translation Quality Assessment

Key Words: Translation Quality Assessment, Accuracy, Accepatability, Readability By: Mangatur Nababan et al The present study is intended to develop a model for Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) based on the prototipe designed in the previous research. The study aims to examine the strenghts and weaknesses of the prototipe, to revise the protipe, and to produce [...]

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Revitalization of Traditional Market-Based Community Empowerment, an Alternative Poverty Reduction

(Study of Traders Empowerment Klithikan Market of Notoharjo Surakarta) By Trisni Utami Public sphare is a place where one or more parties communicate and interact with a particular interest or just say hello to each other and share experiences. Can tangible physical (public space) as well as in non-physical such as space in the sense [...]

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Typology of Empowerment Model for Slums Community as an Effort for Sustainable Urban Poverty Alleviation in terms of Settlements Character

By: Winny Astuti and Ana Hardiana Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) for Indonesia has the first target for alleviating hunger and poverty whicch in the year of 2003 the level was reached 17.4%. This will be targetted to dec reased by 7.5% in 2015. In fact, most of urban poor people lives in slums area, which [...]

Design and Development Industrial Scale Used Cooking Oil as a Solution to the Problem of Fuels Batik Industry in Surakarta

Keyword : Stove of Batik, fuels, cooking used oil Joko Triyono & Rendy Adhi R. The controversy policy of kerosene to gas conversion still left the problem up to now. One industry that will suffer the fate predicted pathetic is the batik industry. Kerosene is the main ingredient of this industry to heat the wax [...]

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Prototype of Air Conditioning Machine With Cheap Operasional Cost With Stirling Termosifon Driven by Solar Power

Keywords: Air conditioning, solar concentrator, thermosyphon, stirling, inverter, electric energy storage. By: Wibawa Endra Juwana, Heru Sukanto, Thoharudin The onjective of this research is to build air conditioning machine with cheap operasional cost. The step was taken by developing electric generation driven by solar power using Stirling-thermosyphon motor system which was completed by developing DC [...]

Manufacture for Modular Practical Column Segment Of Growing Houses

Keywords: Segment practical column modular, prefabricated concrete By: Chundakus Habsya, Muhammad Akhyar, Sri Sumarni, Guntur Siamsono Moduler practical Column segment is a prefabricated concrete for house column, does not require formwork and can be used for different height columns. Each segment of the outer side there is notch for connection with beams, or lockbrick (wall [...]

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