Optimalization Model For The Promotion Of Tuberculosis Free Hidangan Ekonomi Kecil (HEK) Kampongs In Surakarta

Keywords: Group education, HEK sellers, individual counseling, leaflet, tuberculosis. Murti, Bhisma; Hanim, Diffah; Lestari, Anik; Pamungkas, Eti Poncorini*) LPPM UNS, Penelitian, Balitbang Jateng, Riset Unggulan Daerah, 2009 Intervention model comprising group education, counseling, and leaflet use for optimizing the promotion of Hidangan Ekonomi Kecil (HEK) kampongs as a strategy for the prevention and control of [...]

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Development exclusive breastfeeding for six months with respect to lactating mothers affected by lung Tuberculosis and the impact of nutritional status of their infants

Keywords: development of exclusive breastfeed, Tuberculosis, infant nutritional status Hanim, Diffah; Lestari, Anik; Abidin, Zainal*) LPPM UNS, Penelitian, DP2M, Hibah Kompetitif Penelitian Sesuai Prioritas Nasional, 2009 In 2002 WHO revised its recommendation on a longer exclusive breastfeeding from 4-6 months to 6 months for all mothers including those who are affected by a tropical disease [...]

Integration Of Posyandu-Puskesmas-BBKP For The Control Of Lung Tuberculosis In Surakarta

Keywords: Integration Model, Tuberculosis, Innovative Early Detection Card Murti, Bhisma; Hanim, Diffah; Lestari Anik LPPM UNS, Penelitian, DP2M, Hibah Kompetitif Penelitian Strategis Nasional, 2009 Morbidity and mortality rates of lung Tuberculosis (TB) remain high in Indonesia. Case detection rate has not reached 70% target, while cure rate has yet to be increased (>90%). TB control [...]

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