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  • Policies to achieve Productivity and Quality

    • Development of research roadmaps
    • Competitive research incentives.
    • Improvement of the competence of researchers
    • Development of research networks

  • Policies to expand partnerships and collaborations

    • Development of effective partnerships and collaborations
    • Development of an integrated revenue generating unit

  • Policies of Intellectual Property Rights

    • Improvement of produce innovations and creations
    • Disbursement of design and innovation incentives
    • Improvement of the competence of patent drafting, intellectual property rights, and industrial design


Providing researchers with various competencies to meet the internal and external needs and standards of the world of industry, society, and the world of work

Community Service

Providing directions for the implementation of research-based community service activities carried out by community service agents in Universitas Sebelas Maret


Expanding effective partnerships and collaborations in the fields of research and community service, development of integrated revenue generating units, and application of research results


Developing the level of readiness or maturity of research outputs produced by referring to the Level of Technology Readiness and Innovation Readiness Level

Data 2020

Lecturer with Scopus Publication

Lecturer Produces Book

Lecturer Produces Patent

Lecturer as Chair Researcher

Lecturer as Chair Devotion

Lecturer with H-Index >1

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