Institute of Research and Community Service, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, or abbreviated as UNS LPPM, was established on October 30, 2004. The establishment of this institution was determined by the Chancellor based on the Rector’s Decree No. 649A / J.27 / KP / 2004 concerning the Establishment of Sebelas Maret University Research and Community Service Institutions. The Chancellor’s decision was reinforced with the approval of the Director of Development and Empowerment of the Ministry of Higher Education’s Community Role No: 1006 / D5.1 / T / 2005 dated May 2, 2005 concerning the Amendment of Sebelas Maret University Statute. Furthermore, this institution is abbreviated as LPPM. This institution is a combination of Research Institutions and Community Service Institutions.

The day after the issuance of the decree, the Chancellor also issued a Chancellor Decree No. 651 / J27 / 2004 dated November 1, 2004 concerning the Dismissal of the Chair and Secretary of the Research Institute, Chair and Secretary of the Community Service Agency, as well as the appointment of the Chair and Secretary of the Institute for Research and Community Service. On that date, the LPPM Chair and Secretary was also appointed.

The formation of this LPPM was previously discussed specifically in the Eleven Meret University Senate Session. Discussions at the senate level have been carried out several times, by raising the agenda of merging Research Institutions and Community Service Agencies. There are 3 (three) choices that appear in the middle of the trial, namely:

  1. There is no merging at all or Quo status conditions,
  2. Functional merger where Research Institutions and Community Service Institutions still exist with each chairperson and secretary, but in activities carried out jointly and or centers in both institutions are given the freedom to conduct research and dedication.
  3. The total merger becomes the Institute for Research and Community Service with one leader.

On October 23, 2004, a senate meeting was held with the decision-making agenda for Institution Merger. In the meeting, the voting will be held initially, but after commission B gives a presentation on the idea of Merger as well as input from several professors, the voting is abolished. Then a discussion was carried out to reach an agreement, and finally agreed consensus was chosen for total merger. The decision of the senate is the main basis of the Chancellor to issue a Decree on the Establishment of Research and Community Service Institutions or abbreviated as LPPM.

The Institute for Research and Community Service is the implementing element of Sebelas Maret University which has the task of coordinating, monitoring, and assessing the implementation of research activities and community service organized by Centers in Research and Community Service Institutions, Faculties, Departments, Departments, groups and individuals, strive to control in terms of the use of resources, and seek the development and improvement of the quality of research and community service.

Centers and units within the LPPM UNS are a combination of the center / unit that used to take shelter in the Research Institute and Community Service Institutions.