SEMAR Journal

SEMAR Journal is a community service journal published and managed by LPPM UNS. This journal is expected to become a tool of information and dissemination of community service results of the entire UNS academic community on various kinds of innovations and solutions to various problems in society.

Book of Innovation

The book entitled “UNS Innovations for the World” compiles various results of research and community service whose funds are managed by LPPM UNS.

Abstract Compilation

Abstract Compilation is a series of collections on research and community service abstracts by the UNS academic community.

LPPM UNS Bulletin

The LPPM UNS Bulletin is a collection of research and community service articles published by LPPM to provide useful and beneficial information for readers, both for knowledge and application.

LPPM UNS Profile

The LPPM UNS Profile presents various pieces of complete and interesting information on LPPM UNS. It is available in book and audio-visual form.


The LPPM UNS leaflet presents concise but informative information about LPPM UNS. It is published annually and contains various information according to the latest conditions of LPPM UNS.