Development Strategy of Pre-Eminent Agriculture Commodity in Floods Gristle Region in Order to Support Efficacy of Region Outonomious in Bojonegoro District (Klassen Tipology and Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix Approach)

Key word: Bojonegoro, development strategy, Tipologi Klassen, SWOT, QSPM

By: Agustono, Nuning Setyowati, Umi Barokah, Wiwit Rahayu

The research aims to a) maping floods gristle regions in Bojonegoro, b) Identifiying and classificating agriculture commodity in 4 class : prima commodity, developing commodity, potential commodity and left behind commodity, c) Formulating development strategy of prima agriculture commodity in Bojonegoro. The research location take location in 11 sub district in Bojonegoro. Location choosed are floods gristle area. The data is used are primary and secondery data. Primary data are strategic factors in developing pre-eminent agriculture commodity by focus group discussion. Secondery data are PDRB, agriculture commodity production data, agriculture commodity price data and another data which got from Statictic Center Institution, Sub district, district, Agriculture Institution and Region Disaster Overcoming Institution. Method research to data analize are Klassen Tipology to classificate agriculture commodity, SWOT Analysis to formulating development strategy of agriculture commodity and QSPM analysis to formulating the best development strategy of agriculture commodity.
The result show that (1) From 27 sub district in Bojonegoro, there are 15 floods gristle sub district, they are Margomulyo, Ngraho, Purwosari, Padangan, Kasiman, Malo, Kalitidu, Trucuk, Bojonegoro, Dander, Balen, Kanor, Baureno, Kapas and Sumberejo. (2) Based on Tipologi Klassen analyze show that there are six prima agriculture commodity, they are Rice, banana, bean, cow, mango and corn. But, based on Focus Group Discussion is agreed five prima agriculture commodity will to be developed, they are rice, banana, soybean, cow and corn. (3) Based on SWOT and QSPM analyze resulted the best development strategy to rice is using rice variety which hold up the floods. The best development strategy to soybean by increasing soybean farm tecnical for farmer. The most effective development strategy to corn is by optimalization corn farming management. The most effective of development strategy to banana is by increasing farming management skill and agroindustry with banana raw material. The most effective of development strategy to cow by anticipation to emulation with import cow by increasing cow quality.