Keyword: fuzzy, logic, control, combustion, engine, Otto, ignition, spark, detonation,vibration pattern By: Augustinus Sujono, R. Lullus Lambang G. Hidajat The problem of detonation (knocking) in the internal combuction engines, especially in the Otto (petrol) engine, that makes some damages, low fuel economy and erformance. ntil now, the detonation problem hasRead More →

Oleh: Eko Surojo, Heru Sukanto, Teguh Triyono Penelitian ini bertujuan menghasilkan logam semisolid berstruktur nondendritik (globular) dengan metoda rheocasting. Logam semisolid berstruktur nondendritik nantinya digunakan untuk bahan baku proses semisolid forming. Hal ini terkait dengan tujuan jangka panjang penelitian ini yakni memanfaatkan proses semisolid forming untuk pembuatan komponen otomotif yangRead More →

Keywords: creative economy, family-based entrepreneurship, poor women Ismi Dwi Astuti & Sri Marwanti This research underlines several issues concerning the empowerment of poor women through family-based entrepreneurship towards creative economy. The research was intended to explore the potentials, constraints, opportunities and policies dealing with the empowerment of poor women, andRead More →

Keyword : preparation, characterization, Mg/Al HTlc, brine water, raw material, pharmacy By: Eddy Heraldy and Yuli Puspito Rini The synthesis of Mg/Al hydrotalcite-like (HTlc) using brine water from desalination waste for raw material pharmacy industries has been performed. Sample preparation of Mg/Al HTlc are using artificial brine water and brineRead More →

Key words : Rural environment lay-out, environmentally friendly, Mount Lawu. By: Galing Yudana, Bambang Pujiasmanto, Widharyatmo The objectives of this multi-year research were: 1) to identify land use in Ngargoyoso Karanganyar; 2) to explore the behavior pattern of the society in managing the environment; 3) to identify the society’s perceptionsRead More →

Key words: model roof and openings, flats, comfort, health, productivity, the concept of Ecological architecture By: Sri Yuliani, ST., M.App.Sc., Kahar Sunoko, ST., MT., and Ir. Soedwiwahjono, MT The development of residential demand is increasing with the rapid rate of population growth. Flat built vertically from various considerations felt quiteRead More →

Key Words: Phytse, Feed Additive, Enzyme Extraction, Digestible Nutrient, Carrier, Freezer Dryer By: Adi Magna Patriadi Nuhriawangsa, Sajidan , Zaenal Bachruddin and Ali Wibowo The result was used to producted mash phytase from recombinat bacteria BL21 (DE3) EAS1-AMP and its applied to mixed corn soybean diet for broiler chickens. CrudeRead More →

Key word: Pongamia pinnata, moleculer identification, ISSR By: Ahmad Yunus, Samanhudi, Amalia T. Sakya, Muji Rahayu Exploration of biofuel sources from plant need developed for supply of alternative energy. Information of genetic diversity in Pongamia pinnata is necessary to support breeding programs and efforts conservation. Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR)Read More →

Key words: economic crisis, sende land, landowner, respons and strategy By: Tiwuk Kusuma Hastuti and Retno Kusumawiranti The economic crisis has encouraged the emerging of various forms of community’s response. The responses and the adaptation strategies of the rural community differ from one region to another region. This has toRead More →