Manufacture for Modular Practical Column Segment Of Growing Houses

Keywords: Segment practical column modular, prefabricated concrete

By: Chundakus Habsya, Muhammad Akhyar, Sri Sumarni, Guntur Siamsono

Moduler practical Column segment is a prefabricated concrete for house column, does not require formwork and can be used for different height columns. Each segment of the outer side there is notch for connection with beams, or lockbrick (wall components); it have 7 cm x 7 cm hole in the middle section for reinforcement 4d10mm, d6-15cm and concrete. Plamur and paint are enough for finishing of the outer section of the moduler practical column segment. Cost of the modular practical column segment is 27.51% cheaper than conventional practical column (Bayu, Thesis S1 Prodi PTS FKIP UNS, 2008).

The objectives of research were to produce manufacture for moduler practical column segment, produce modular practical column segment, compressive strength products fulfill the structural standard.

Mechanism of the machine consist of vibration and pressure. The production process begins by entering the concrete into the vibrating mold, to fill the corners of the mold and remove the air bubbles so that the concrete become solid. And then vibrator is turned off and the mortar in the mold is pressed with + 6 tons hydraulic. Next the mold is lifted, the product taken and then 28 days concrete treatmen. Percentage of concrete mixture sample are, cement: fine sand: gravels: concrete sand: water = 2: 1: 1: 6: 1.5, with amount of 12 pieces.

The results are manufacture for modular practical column segment, on a single process the machine produce 6 units of modular practical column modular; compressive strength for 83% modular practical column segment sample fulfill the structural standard (SK SNI S – 04 – 1989- F, and T Kardiyono (2004): 7 – 10 MPa), which is the lowest and the highest is 8.52 MPa and 12.17 MPa.