Transfer Omega-3 Protection and L-Carnitine on Fermentation Onggok Basal Ration of Content Linolenoic, Linoleoic and Arakhidenoic Meet Sheep

Key word: Meet sheep, cholesterol, linolenoic, linoleoic fatty acids, L-carnitine and Protection Tuna or lemuru fish oils

By: Pujo Martatmo, Sudibya and Darsono

The objective of this study was to reduce cholesterol and increase omega-3 , omega-6 fatty acid of sheeps through the suplementation L-carnitine and tuna fish oil or lemuru fish oil protection.
Material used was 15 sheeps male, L-carnitine and tuna fish oil or lemuru fish oil. protection. Research method was arranged in pattern Block Completely Randomized Design with five factor treatmen and blocs tree times.
The used was suplementation L-carnitine of 100 ppm and protection tuna or lemuru fish oil to reduce of meet sheep cholesterol from 150.47% to 122.50% and LDL of meet from 45.30 mg/dl to 38.17 mg/dl and lipid of meet from 9.15% to 8.14 percent.
Suplementation protection tuna or lemuru fish oil in the ration 100 ppm l-karnitin to increased the omega-3 fatty acids of meet from 5.49 % to 7.12%, omega-6 fatty acid from 28.23% to 36.27 %, fatty acids polyunsaturated of meet from 61.13 % to 68.20% and EPA from 3.18% to 3.75% then DHA from 2.09% to 2.67%. There for reduction of fatty acids saturated of meet from 38.87% to 31.80 percent.