Improvement of Manufacturing Efficiencies By Introducing Double-Electrode Welding

By: Triyono, Jaka S.B., Heru Sukanto

Physical-mechanical properties and economic analysis of double electrode welding processes have been studied. Thin plate is usually welded using low current whereas welding equipment that available in the market has a high current capacity. It is not optimum condition because welding equipment is working under its capacity. The largeconstruction manufacturing often requires a lot of welding equipments. It shows a high investment and maintenance costs. It is important to design the double electrode welding equipment with a single power supply. Austenitic stainless steels SUS304 and carbon steel SS400 with thickness of 1.5 mm were used. Tensile tests, micro/macro structure investigation and distortion measurement were carried out to characterize the weldment. Economic analysis was carried out by calculating welding cost per unit of length. The physical-mechanical evaluations and the economic analysis of single electrode welding equipment were conducted for reference. The results show that the welded joints of the double electrode have the same physical-mechanical properties with that of the single electrode. The welding cost per unit of length is 831.88 rupiah for a double electrode welding and 936.69 rupiah for a single electrode. It indicates that the double electrode welding can save 11.18% of production costs.

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