Detection Of Knock In Spark-Igntion Engine: Vibration Pattern For Determine Spark Timing Ingition Using Fuzzy Control And Artificial Neural Network

Keyword: fuzzy, logic, control, combustion, engine, Otto, ignition, spark, detonation,vibration pattern

By: Augustinus Sujono, R. Lullus Lambang G. Hidajat

The problem of detonation (knocking) in the internal combuction engines, especially in the Otto (petrol) engine, that makes some damages, low fuel economy and erformance. ntil now, the detonation problem has not been solved completely. In this paper, the problem had been studied to discover the new method, how to reject detonation without any changes of engine structure, easy to install and can be activate immediately.

The detonation phenomenon have been explained by three theory, that are auto ignition theory, detonation theory and flame vibration, that make noise, detonation (knocking) and damages of some equipments. The detonation can be cause by many things, such as high compression ratio, low grade of fuel, bad combustion camber, low turbulence, large online casino australia spark advance (timing).

For the conventional ignition system, a governor and a vacuum advancer control the ignition timing. It is reliable mechanism, but can not work properly at all conditions. Most of them make detonation occur at low speed and low endurance of the contact breaker. The last technology, electronically device with detonation sensor replace the conventional system. Combination ignition system, the new system, integration of conventional and electronically system, can control the detonation, by making correction of the spark advance (ignition timing) automatically in all condition of speed and load (throttle), using fuzzy logic reasoning (calculation) in the microcontroller. This research also tries to detect detonation by using the vibration pattern with the hope of detonation detection by this method will be more stable and reliable. Detonation detection with machine vibration recordings was be done by measuring its intensity, but this often happens is unstable.

The result of using the new (combination) ignition system in the engine is the rejected detonation, improving performance and efficiency. Another result, the motor vibration pattern can be recorded and the vibration pattern of detonation occurs at high frequency. It has a certain pattern in synch with his ignition. For the further the research will use the Neuro-Fuzzy Adaptive Control for more applicable in the engine