Keywords : public policy, industry, sport

Agus Kristiyanto

LPPM UNS, DP2M, Penelitian, Strategi Nasional, 2009

Outcome of this research that is in the form of: (1) erudite publication result of research [of] industrial development [of] and sport Poverty Alleviation in accreditation journal; (2) public policy formula benefit about reinforcement [of] climate of[is effort by Local Government and also perpetrator expectation of[is effort micro industrial sector of sport ;(3) copy or draft of Book Teach entrepreneurship and Industrial Development of Sport and (4) expanding is same job/activity networking between researcher, between activity execution and between institute. Checked region in activity of research of reinforcement [of] public policy [of] micro industry [of] sport for the Poverty Alleviation, covering some town / chosen sub-province in Province West Java, Central Java, and East Java. this Regional Determination represent developed area sampling form by purposive sampling and relate at consideration chosen micro industrial poke of sport in certain region. Pursuant to the consideration, chosen finally some town / sub-province third the province, that is: Majalengka (West Java), Solo (Central Java), Karanganyar(Central Java), Middle Sukoharjo (Central Java), Nganjuk ( East Java), Ponorogo ( East Java), and Madiun ( East Java). Dimension Reinforcement of public policy of Micro Effort, Small Industry and Middle Effort in sport area go together conducted effort climate plant by Government and also Local Government. The Dimension cover : ( 1) financing, ( 2) facilities and basic facilities, ( 3) information of[is effort, ( 4) partnership, ( 5) permit of is effort, ( 6) opportunity try, ( 7) trade promotion, (8) institute support . Conclusion: ( 1) Satisfaction [of] micro effort perpetrator of sport industry to Local Government performance to the 8 (eight) climate dimension of is effort varying. ( a) In West Java dimension getting positive value cover: promotion trade and institute support; (b) in Central Java ; facilities and basic facilities, partner, permit of is effort, and institute support.; ( c) in East Java, satisfaction [of] perpetrator of is effort happened at all of dimension, namely: financing, facilities and basic facilities, information of is effort, partnership , permit of is effort, opportunity try, trade promotion, institute support; ( 2) micro Industry of sport represent collective effort from various [party/ side] to develop economic behavior between consumer and producer linked by forms produce sport service or goods. the Economic behavior have potency to effort Poverty Alleviation; ( 3) Composition worker in sport industrial sector is: in West Java cover 58 % men worker and 42 % charwoman; in Central Java, 75 % men worker and 25 % charwoman; and [in] East Java, men worker 62,7 % and 37,3 % charwoman; (4) Production of worker in goods industry and sport service [in] West Java, Central Java, and East Java most is to gyrate Rp. 500.000,- to Rp. 1.000.000,- per month with mean family responsibility 3 people; (5) With such fact, hence can be comprehended that really work [in] industrial sector not yet can promise, more than anything else many industrial home worker of employed by sport below/under Rp. 500.000,- per month. Become, sport industry by factually simply giving side job field to some of society, but not yet affected bigly to Poverty Alleviation. Perpetrator expectation of is effort about is related/relevant of micro industrial development of sport with problem of Poverty can be comprehended pursuant to question responses, which is its result shall be as follows : ( 1) micro industrial Labor area of energy sport which ought to train and educated peculiarly ( 94,5 %); ( 2) Reinforcement institute Education and Practice require to be conducted as important shares from policy of industrial development of sport in society ( 100 %); ( 3) To partake Poverty Alleviation, effort developed sport industry peculiarly so to be with quality ( 94,4 %); ( 4) social Protection and security require to be passed to all perpetrator of is effort sport industry ( 100 %).( 3) clear policy about micro industrial development of important sport once to strengthen real sector ( 85,7 %); ( 5) technical Aid by government very needed by real sector of sport industry, especially at production process ( 85,7 %); ( 6) Effort industrial area [of] athletics will assist in creation of employment in society by assuring ( 85,7 %);  ( 7) Reinforcement institute Education and Practice require to be conducted as important shares from policy of industrial development of sport in society ( 92,8 %);  (8) micro Industry of sport in developed rural society to through home industry form ( 83,3 %)..