Design and Development Industrial Scale Used Cooking Oil as a Solution to the Problem of Fuels Batik Industry in Surakarta

Keyword : Stove of Batik, fuels, cooking used oil

Joko Triyono & Rendy Adhi R.

The controversy policy of kerosene to gas conversion still left the problem up to now. One industry that will suffer the fate predicted pathetic is the batik industry. Kerosene is the main ingredient of this industry to heat the wax (Javanese: night). The batik artisans, particularly in Solo as well as in other cities like in Pekalongan almost all of them use kerosene-fired stove as the fuel. If kerosene withdrawn from circulation, can be sure the sustainability of the batik industry will be threatened because the Government has yet to provide a new stove to replace kerosene batik artisans.

This study has been designed batik-fired stoves get used cooking oil. Used cooking oil was chosen because it is cheap and characteristics in addition to flame the fire according to melt wax, availability in the field are also abundant.

The results indicate that the flame temperature resulting from this stove is 1163 0C in air pressure 4 bar, and is able to melt the wax for 5 minutes.