Study furniture movement patterns in space in order to plan the path of the earthquake rescue

Key words: circulatory way, furniture arrangement

By: Amin Sumadyo, Hadi Setyawan, Hari Yuliarso

When earthquake happen some people think how they can take refuge from the ruins of the buildings, whether in the form of rubble walls and roof tiles from the top of the building. This methods can be done by protecting themselves by adapt themselves under the table or other strong objects that can protect us from the ruins. While the second way is exit the building as quickly as possible to avoid the wreckage. Actually this two ways has advantages and disadvantages of each other. For first method above may be the residents of the house think that his house is strong enough to withstand earthquake vibrations. But if we think realistically is this possible that the house could withstand shocks survive if an earthquake happen in a span of up to 5 minutes or more. If the earthquake vibration is not too strong (3-5 sr) it is can be possible that the house can stand up until that time. If the quake was felt strongly (6-8 sr) want you to stay in the building for refuge?

The second way might seem more realistic, by directly running out of the house during an earthquake, For most people who lived in frequently earthquake area , this method reflexes choosen rather than refuge in the building while waiting for the first earthquake is complete.
Constraints faced of exit from the building, is the obstruction of access due to the movement of furniture Here are the things that might be happen in the building when the earthquake:
1. furniture in the house move unpredictable (the most likely is shift from first place)
2. objects that hung on the wall fell.
3. high furniture falling or experiencing movement.
4.possibly, power outages when earthquake happen
Based on the simmulation during the earthquake, we can arrange interior design concept of earthquake response,it means that when the earthquake struck a critical time remaining before crash down can be maximized as a safe escape route, this practical concept can be used as a guide interior of buildings, among others, with a rescue plan as short as possible exit path , minimizing the furniture that fell and blocked the movement, providing high-bond furniture so as not to shift and tumble, and to plan emergency exit.