Draft Model Flat Roof and Aperture With the Concept of Ecology to Achieve Comfort, Health and Productivity of Low-Income Community Shelter

Key words: model roof and openings, flats, comfort, health, productivity, the concept of Ecological architecture

By: Sri Yuliani, ST., M.App.Sc., Kahar Sunoko, ST., MT., and Ir. Soedwiwahjono, MT

The development of residential demand is increasing with the rapid rate of population growth. Flat built vertically from various considerations felt quite ideal, but to motivate productivity of occupancy must consider aspects of health and comfort. Design model of the roof to be so considered because this part is most of the building envelope that contribute to 60% factor of safety, comfort and health of occupancy. Position the top of this building is topped protect the building, on the other hand, especially in tropical regions, this part is quite strategic if used for activities that relate directly to the sun as an example of gardening, sunbathing or other productive activities. Likewise, the opening function that can provide freshness and smooth circulation of air in the room, thus making the air fresh and healthy in space that will ultimately achieved occupancy comfort. The purpose of this research is to obtain the right solution at the model apartment roof and openings so that the problem of settlements for low-income communities could be solved through the concept of Ecological Architecture. This concept was put forward a balance between natural and artificial environments. Through this concept of comfort, health and productivity of building occupants become the main destination.
Research methods in three stages, the first to identify the potential and constraints flats in urban environments; next stage performing searches and comparative literature studies and model of the roof opening flats in tropical climates to get the design concept of the ecological model of the roof and openings in urban towers with a case study Surakarta city, the last stage to test the model roofs and openings are comfortable, healthy and productive.
The expected result is a design model of a roof and openings for apartments that fit with the character of the climate, environment and residents of low-income communities. Research in Indonesia on the case is certainly very useful, especially in dense urban environments with low-income residents who need shelter board. The study was conducted in Surakarta that optimize the role of the openings in the building roof and towers that have a productive value and potential to improve quality of life of residents, especially low-income communities. Solutions that become the main alternative is a green roof and provision of roof openings to provide fresh air supply and smoothly vertically and make a hole in the wall of the room air that penetrates from front to rear to facilitate movement of air in the room.