Key Word: content local, Cultural , batik, entrepreneurship By: Leo,Agung S, Endang Widyastuti In general this research aim is to formulate the learning model of content local based on the Cultural Art of Surakarta classic batik At Junior High School As an Effort of Continuation of Cultural Heritage and GrowRead More →

Keywords: PUFA, production performance, carcass performance, chemical quality of meat, physical quality of meat, cholesterol meat, meat PUFA By: Ir. Joko Riyanto, MP., Ir. Susi Dwi Widyawati, MS., Wara Pratitis, SPt, MP This study aims to make the formulation of feed for fattening cattle in the form of concentrates richRead More →

By: Neng Sri Suharty Making bio-degradable nanocomposite smart and has a flame resistance of polymer matrix made from waste polyproplylene (rPP) and kenaf fiber (KF) filler are processed internally reactive mixer (IM) and a solution with a xylene solvent with various types of CaCO3 content (natural CaCO3, pro analysis CaCO3Read More →

Keywords : Porphyrin, TiO 2, solar cell, photosensitizing By: Agus Supriyanto, Riyatun, Erlina Isolation of natural porphyrin from microalgae spirulina has been carried out extraction and chromatography. The porphyrin solution characterized inckuded the spectroscopy UV-Vis absoprtion, spectroscopy FTIR and I-V (currentvoltage) characterization to determine the photoconductivity. The result of characterizationRead More →

Keywords: insecticidal activity, secang, cabbage caterpillars, mortality, antifeedan By: Elfi Susanti VH, Ato Sulistyo This study aimed to isolate and identify the active insecticidal compounds from the secang leaf and determine the dosage formulation of botanical insecticides are effective in controlling cabbage caterpillars. 430 g of dried leaf powder wasRead More →

Keywords: Electric generation, Biomass, Gasification, Plasm Tar Reduction By: Suyitno, Wibawa Endra Juwana, Zainal Arifin The objective of this research is to build a prototype of electric power plant equipment of 10 kW with multistage gasification system using flexi biomass which is equipped with plasm tar reduction. In the secondRead More →

Key word: Mg-Al hydrotalcite-like, brine water, catalyst, transesterification, biodie by : I.F. Nurcahyo, Eddy Heraldy, Karna Wijaya, Silvester Tursiloadi Synthesis of Mg / Al hydrotalcite-like (HTlc) from brine water and replica brine brine has been carried out. HTLc from brine water (HTLcBWA) and HTLc from brine water (HTLcBWT) were grindedRead More →

By: Dr. Eng. Agus Purwanto, ST. MT The conversion of solar energy into electricity becomes main consideration in the few last decades. To convert solar energy toelectricity, a device called solar cell is needed. In the first development, silicon semiconductor was used in the fabrication of solar cell. Recently, aRead More →

Key words: Nitrification; Hedgerows;Legume Cover Crops; Mineralization of organic matter; oil Palm, Savety net nutrient filter; biologically nitrification inhibitor;litter quality By: Purwanto, Rob.Sudaryanto, Kusnu Martoyo Semi-controlled field experiments conducted at PT Gunatara Sawit Persada Oil palm plantations in the Muaraputih village, Natar district, South Lampung Regency is part of aRead More →