Moleculer Identification of Pongamia Pinnata Variability for Biofuels Material Supply

Key word: Pongamia pinnata, moleculer identification, ISSR

By: Ahmad Yunus, Samanhudi, Amalia T. Sakya, Muji Rahayu

Exploration of biofuel sources from plant need developed for supply of alternative energy. Information of genetic diversity in Pongamia pinnata is necessary to support breeding programs and efforts conservation. Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR) marker could enhance the efficiency of early selection stage and reduce time consuming in P. Pinnata breeding. The research aims to get the kind of P. pinnata genetic information by moleculer using ISSR method.

Field research was conducted in the Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Maluku. Laboratory online casino research was conducted on Plant Physiology and Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory Faculty of Agriculture, Central Laboratory UNS Surakarta and Study Center of Tropic Fruit Laboratory, IPB. The study was conducted from April – October 2010.

Sampling is taken randomly in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Maluku. Sixteen accession were amplified by six ISSR primers, i.e. PKBT2, PKBT3, PKBT4, PKBT6, PKBT7 dan PKBT9. The result of ISSR analyzed by hierarchial cluster analysis of NTSYS version 2.10 with SAHN method. The final resuld show as dendogram.

From the results can be concluded that (1) DNA amplification with sixteen accession use PKBT 2, PKBT3, PKBT4, PKBT6, PKBT7, PKBT9 primers get 3 loci untuk 8 loci with size from 100 bp until 1500 bp. (2) Dendogram showed 16 accesion of P.pinnata have 73% similarities level and produced three groups, i.e. Group A were A1, A2, A3, P4 accesion, group B were A4, M3, B2, Y1, Y2, Y3,Y4 accesion and group C were P1, P2, P3, M1, M2 accesion.