Key Words: Translation Quality Assessment, Accuracy, Accepatability, Readability By: Mangatur Nababan et al The present study is intended to develop a model for Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) based on the prototipe designed in the previous research. The study aims to examine the strenghts and weaknesses of the prototipe, to reviseRead More →

Keywords: Air conditioning, solar concentrator, thermosyphon, stirling, inverter, electric energy storage. By: Wibawa Endra Juwana, Heru Sukanto, Thoharudin The onjective of this research is to build air conditioning machine with cheap operasional cost. The step was taken by developing electric generation driven by solar power using Stirling-thermosyphon motor system whichRead More →

Keyword: Foot prosthetic below knee, ankle joint multi axis, static equilibrium model By: Retno Wulan Damayanti & Lobes Herdiman Accident of roadway occupy the occurence number amputation, the number noted from occurence amputation in Indonesia with biggest contributor equal to 35% and occurence of natural disaster equal to 15%. ImpactRead More →

Key words: traditional markets, modern markets, synergy By: Istijabatul Aliyah, Mulyanto, Agus P Saido The aims of this research were to: 1) map the distribution of traditional and modern markets; 2) analyze the classification of traditional and modern markets; 3) study the scope of services provided by traditional and modernRead More →

Keyword: traditional building character, community based tourism By: Wiwik Setyaningsih The purpose of this research is to find out the characteristic of local value in Kauman areas throught the community based tourism to increase the tourism destination. The local value in Kauman areas identify with the old building as aRead More →

Kata kunci: model pembelajaran, seni rupa, lateral thinking Oleh : Tjahjo Prabowo, Adam Wahida, Nanang Yulianto Secara khusus penelitian ini bertujuan: 1) mendeskripsikan pelaksanaan pembelajaran Seni Budaya/Seni Rupa SMA Negeri dan Swasta di Surakarta, 2) menyusun model pembelajaran Seni Budaya/Seni Rupa yang inovatif dengan menerapkan pembelajaran Seni Budaya berbasis LateralRead More →