In order to improve the performance of the field of research and public service, especially for data collection research and public service in collaboration with institutions outside the UNS, especially foreign institutions / universities, Research and Community Service Institution in Sebelas Maret University, providing opportunities for lecturers within the University Eleven of March who has research and service activities in collaboration with external parties to input and upload supporting document evidence into the IRIS1103 system on the P2M submenu of cooperation.

This collaboration P2M scheme can later be used as a fill in Lecturer Performance Load (BKD) and Lecturer Performance Report (LKD).

The data or documents that must be inputted and uploaded to the IRIS1103 system on the P2M sub menu in collaboration with the following stages:

Please login to the system using each lecturer username and password.

  1. Please login to the system using each lecturer username and password
  2. After successfully logging in, please click on the P2M cooperation menu.
  3. Type / category: (choose: penelitian / pengabdian).
  4. Title (fill in the complete title).
  5. Implementation year (select implementation year).
  6. Agencies / institutions that fund / finance.
  7. Funding scheme: (eg APBD Jateng, PT. Pertamina, Depdikbud, etc.).
  8. Total funding costs (write total funding costs).
  9. Information on funding costs: (select: in UNS / outside UNS (in-kind / in-cash).
  10. The total duration of activities (select: 1, 2, 3 years).
  11. Membership in the team (choose as chairman / member), who can enter / input members is the chief executive.
  12. Output generated.
  13. Upload supporting evidence (in PDF format max. 5MB)
  • Letter from the implementing team.
  • Upload proof of cooperation letter / MoU.
  • Upload proof of activity proposal according to the rules of the institution / agency.
  • Upload proof of activity reports according to the rules of the institution / agency
  1. Then click save to save the document that has been inputted and uploaded.
  2. To add members follow the process in point 2 then click add research team / P2M please add members from either UNS or outside UNS.

That’s all, thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Best Regard

Prof. Dr. Widodo Muktiyo