Kata Kunci: Policy, Partnership, Tourism, Development

Zaini Rohmad, Sudarmo, Siany Indria Liestyasari
LPPM-UNS, Penelitian, DIKTI, Penelitian Fundamental, 2008.

This study discusses the policy of partnership in tourism development. The main focus is the study of the partnership policy in the field of tourism development. The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the need for partnership for tourism policy and its implementation and the impact of the policy of partnership between government, private sector and the community. In line with these research objectives, the research uses a qualitative approach in examining tourism partnership policy. Qualitative research is used because it can reveal the real events on the field and also can reveal the hidden value of this research. This research information sources consist of local government, tourism business actors / private, public, consumer or local and international tourists. The study was conducted at locations in Malang Raya tourism or tourism coverage of Malang Regency, Batu city and Malang city. In the context of the data collection process there are three activities undertaken by the researcher into the research process, when located in the research, collect data (in-depth interviews, observation, documentation). Data analysis that is done the data reduction, presentation of data, draw conclusions or verification. Research in Malang Raya area of Malang Regency, Batu city and Malang city, shows that there is no partnership between the three regions in tourism development. Similarly, there is no partnership between local government, private sector and communities which includes the development of tourism in the three regions. This shows that the need for partnership in tourism development does not occur in this region. The absence of inter-regional partnerships in tourism areas is because there is no mutual need between the regions and tourism principals in the region of Malang Raya. Found still limited partnerships in their respective regions