Keywords: Integration Model, Tuberculosis, Innovative Early Detection Card

Murti, Bhisma; Hanim, Diffah; Lestari Anik
LPPM UNS, Penelitian, DP2M, Hibah Kompetitif Penelitian Strategis Nasional, 2009

Morbidity and mortality rates of lung Tuberculosis (TB) remain high in Indonesia. Case detection rate has not reached 70% target, while cure rate has yet to be increased (>90%). TB control has not been optimal in Indonesia. However as evidence has shown that Posyandu has contributed much to the improvement of mother and child nutrition and health, TB control may be similarly improved by integrating Posyandu-Puskesmas-Balai Besar Kesehatan Paru Masyarakat (BBKPM). This initiative was an action research empoying a quasi experimental design. An integration model involving Posyandu-Puskesmas-BBKPM was implemented in 5 subdistricts in Surakarta, for early detection and treatment of lung TB. An innovative early detection card was devised to help cadres to screen and detect suspect TB cases.The results showed that the innovated detection card can help improve early detection of TB cases. Training of cadres has increased ignficantly their knowledge in TB disease, as well as its detection, treatment, and prevention. Integration of Posyandu-Puskesmas-BBKPM can identify vulnerable groups for TB such as poor families or families who live in poor living environment. The integration also allows the adoption of healthier behaviours as an important fundamental for the pursuit of Tuberculosis-free city such as Surakarta. This integration model can be extrapolated to other similar areas.