University of Sebelas March as an educational institution in Indonesia which implements “Tri Dharma University” has a moral obligation to assess the problem and find a solution how to build the dignity of the political movement of the 2014 election in Indonesia. Therefore, the University of Sebelas March want to examine and discuss deeply in this International Conference.

The Purposes of International Conference

  1. Enhacing the community knowledge related to build the success of the dignified general election in 2014, and national endurance implications
  2. Increasing the understanding of the Implementation of Norms, Challenges and Barriers to community participation in the field of Politics
  3. Improving the public’s understanding of smart voter for the qualified election
  4. Providing an understanding of the development of the constitutional system in Indonesia
  5. Improving the publishing of scientific papers in the field of Political Parties and election laws.

The Programme

  1. International Conference on the theme “”BUIDING THE DIGNITY OF THE POLITICAL MOVEMENT IN 2014”
  2. Call for Paper on the topic: (a) The Influence of The General Election against the National Economy; (b) The Quality of Resource Legislative Candidates For Election Towards Dignity (Health Perspectives, Psychology, Integrity, Social and Cultural); (c) The independence of the General Election Towards Dignity; (d) The Role of Educators Against The Dignity of The Political Education;

Place and Time

Date:19 March 2014 (tentative / date can be still change)
Time:09.00 a.m – 17.00 p.m
TPlace:The First Meeting Room, Research Centre (LPPM) Sebelas Maret University

Files for the above information: Press Release Int’r Conference, leaflets